Slowdive @ QSW 

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Jens Lekman @ 草坪音乐广场 

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#vscocam slowdive 欧巴是雾霾中一团火

#vscocam slowdive

#vscocam slowdive

#vscocam slowdive

#vscocam 封皮下移后陈德政(笔名就pulp)甚至比上一本书更迷汉。内文果然从当年追去巴塞罗那春声看贾叔说起……前言里感慨了《破报》停刊(大约十年前我的最爱),往事浮起。

From the Archives: Alternative Miss World 2009 



MIRROR, mirror, on the wall, who is the most outrageous of them all?

In 1975, it was the film-maker Derek Jarman, who wore a frog with diamante earrings as his swimwear and a suit of armour for the evening wear category. In 1981, Miss Aldershot (real name Michael Haynes) trounced the…

Derek Jarman as Miss Crêpe Suzette, winner of the Alternative Miss World Contest, 1975


#vscocam Derek Jarman was interviewing Andrew Logan for Interview Magazine, 1974 ( 欧巴黑历史时期 )

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